Saturday, May 18, 2013

No One Listening

        Why so long since by last post?  Because inspiration does not spring from a sense of futility.  When I began writing this blog it was with a combination of naiveté and crusading zeal.  I had had my eyes opened to a great wrong: the sex offender registry; and I thought people would only needed to hear of the terrible injustices being done for them to rise up and denounce it.  I was mistaken.
        If people close their eyes, they can not be shown the truth.
        I have written over a thousand letters to the Oklahoma Governor and all the legislators explaining the injustice done to my son and pleading with them for help.  I have received seven replies, and no hope.  I will continue to send my letters, but for all I know, they take one look at the return address and shred them.
        I have the same doubts about this blog.  Why am I even writing this post?  Why would anyone want to listen to someone speaking up for sex offenders?  Most people condone that they are pilloried, rob of all hope, and relentlessly driven to the limits of despair.  To them it is a good thing that many of these people find their only escape in suicide.  They do not even recognize them as human beings.  Why look at ugly facts when there are funny videos to watch and beautiful celebrities to follow?  Readers would be far more interested if I was exposing random cases of animal abuse than the systematic abuse of registrants and their families by their own government.
        I may not continue this blog.  It does not help me going over these things.  In fact it is painful.  And if no one cares enough about these suffering people to even take an interest, that hurts more.

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